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2853 Dickerson Pkwy Suite 114
  Carrollton TX 75007


Welcome to IDI-Cybor 
IDI-CYBOR is the world leader in supplying precision photochemical dispense and management technology to the semiconductor fabrication industry. The company designs and manufactures a full line of dispense systems used in semiconductor photolithographic processing including resist, develop, EBR, low-k, SOG and solvent. For broader chemical management needs, we also manufacture a full line of highly sophisticated chemical management systems ranging from custom cabinets to bulk chemical management. Our broad line can meet the specific needs of any customer application.

We acquired CYBOR Corporation in February 2000. Both IDI and CYBOR are now under common management. The acquisition of CYBOR represents the fulfillment of our strategy to supply and integrate virtually all of the components necessary for effective and efficient chemical delivery within the fab. In these days of more expensive and delicate chemistries, it is not enough to work with only one technology or method. Different production requirements dictate flexibility to respond to changing situations with an integrated approach. This is the essence of our company.

Together, the IDI and CYBOR product lines represent an installed base of many thousands of systems operating in virtually every major fab in the world. Over the years, CYBOR and IDI have been responsible for the majority of the dispense process and mechanical innovations we now take for granted. Now, together, we truly are the world leader in precision photochemical dispense and management.


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by Ron Runyon
 8/25/2017 11:02 AM
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by Ron Runyon
 8/25/2017 11:02 AM